New Exhibitor

2017 Exhibitor Wait List Registration - NEW EXHIBITORS ONLY

New Exhibitors wishing to participate in the 2017 Saskatchewan Oil and Gas Show please click on the link below to register on our wait list. All returning exhibitors have until September 30 to renew their spaces, once that date has passed we will know what our available booths are and will start going through the wait list and contacting everyone with availability of requested space. We will contact you by mid October 2016.

Pricing for the 2017 show:

10x10 indoor booth cost is $1,500 plus GST
Outdoor on the pavement is $1,500 plus GST
Outdoor on the gravel is $1,000 plus GST

(our map can be found on our website)

Click here to register on the 2017 Exhibitor Wait List.